Air Source Heat Pump in Caversham RG4


Air Source Heat Pump – Caversham RG4


Air Source Heat Pump installation in Chazy Heath. A builder we regularly work for wanted to install a Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) compliant, MCS certified, Air Source Heat Pump in his personal new build property. ASHP are an option in existing properties, but are optimal for new builds, where insulation, pipe and radiator sizing, can be accommodated to ensure the efficient operation of the ASHP. 

MCS certification is a requirement to benefit from the governments RHI Incentive, that enables you to earn back much of the money you have invested in the renewable technology over the next 5-6 years, we install Grant Aerona ASHP units combined with the Grant Monowave unvented cylinder, to benefit from the Grant UK MCS certification scheme, so that you can benefit from the RHI Incentive.

We charge £250 for a full house heat loss calculation(A requirement for the MCS scheme), as part of your estimate which is fully refundable if you choose to go ahead with our estimate, or transferable should you choose to use a different supplier.

Options vary from wall mounted, or floor mounted units, we can also offer hybrid systems on older properties which benefit from the addition of an oil boiler, to ensure optimal running of the ASHP.

We offer retro-fit or complete installations, and can offer a full estimate on your new build or renovation.





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Whether a private household, landlord or agent we are happy to provide you with the above services, and can also offer competitively priced Gas Safety and Landlord Certificates to ensure you meet current legal requirements.

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