LPG Boiler Explanation

For most households in the UK, central heating for the home is supplied via mains gas which is piped into the property. There are, however, around 3 million homes that aren’t connected to the gas mains grid. Where gas isn’t an option householders have to find an alternative source of fuel, such as LPG. An LPG boiler can be a reasanable option for some households. 


Help with your options?

With so many options available, choosing the best boiler for your needs can be tricky. We can give you straightforward advice on what will work best in your property, including what controls to use, and what type of boiler to install.


What is LPG?

Liquid Petroleum Gas is a by-product of natural gas and oil extraction from oil refining. It’s considered a cleaner fuel than comparative fossil fuels and has been proven to emit less carbon than oil.


LPG Heating in Your Home

Unlike gas, LPG cannot be piped directly into your home, it must be delivered either in cylinders or in bulk and stored in a tank either above or below ground. You will need an LPG boiler; these are similar in price and design to gas and oil-fired boilers.
The key difference between natural gas boilers and both oil and LPG boiler is that the fuel needs to be delivered and stored in a tank at your home.

To install an LPG heating system into your home you will need:

  • LPG heating system / boiler
  • LPG Storage Tank
  • LPG Supplier


Advantages of using an LPG boiler and LPG central heating

Cooking: By installing an LPG cooker in your kitchen, you can easily switch from cooking with electricity to cooking with a flame.

Eco-friendly: Compared to oil central heating, LPG central heating will produce significantly less emissions. Therefore, it’s not only more eco-friendly but also cleaner.

Fuel theft: LPG is stored in tank in a compressed form, which makes it virtually impossible to steal.

Reduced initial cost: Many LPG suppliers will install a bulk storage tank for ‘free’, but they will tie you in to a longer supply contract alongside this ‘free’ installation.


Disadvantages of using LPG central heating

Storage & Safety: The main disadvantage of using LPG is related to storage and safety. LPG needs to be kept pressurised in a very sturdy tank or cylinders. Furthermore, even though LPG storage tanks are usually placed on a customer’s land, the tank is often owned by the supplier.

Price: Like many other fuel sources, the cost of LPG is volatile and can increase or decrease without warning. So, this may be a negative factor in the future.

Delivery: If you run out of LPG you may have to wait for a delivery, as LPG delivery is based on road transportation. But modern technology has made this less likely to happen with more user friendly low level warnings and some systems that automatically notify your supplier about low LPG levels.

For an independent opinion on LPG boilers and heating systems please visit which.co.uk.

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