New Unvented Cylinder in Henley RG9


New Unvented Cylinder Installation in Henley RG9


New unvented cylinder installation in Henley; customer wanted a quotation on a new whole house pump to resolve their low pressure issues, we were happy to do so, but from previous experience of the noise and limited life of these pumps, recommended an unvented cylinder installation instead, one very happy customer later and another 20-25 years of high pressure hot and cold supply.


New unvented cylinder in Henley RG9


Unvented cylinders, sealed systems, also know as mains fed cylinders, provide much better mains pressure throughout your property, traditional vented cylinders need a large gravity supply tank in the loft, supplying a cylinder below, that needs to have a vent back up into the tank for when the hot water expands or overheats, this limits the amount of water pressure as the higher your supply gets and the closer it gets to the supply tank the less water pressure you have.


If you are looking for a vented or unvented cylinder installer, please contact us for further details.


Our engineers are G3 qualified, and fully qualify to carry out any installation projects. 



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