We offer power flush installation services in Sonning Common, Henley on Thames, Wargrave, Caversham and the surrounding areas of Oxfordshire, Berkshire, and Buckinghamshire.


If your heating system starts to have issues with radiators not getting warm, or only the tops of radiators getting warm, this could be an indication of sludge build up in your system. This is a good time to consider our powerflush service.

Benefits of a Powerflush

  • Removal of metallic sludge and particles from the system
  • Increased flow and energy efficiency of your system
  • Reduced heating costs


Whats involved

A Powerflush involves flushing out your pipes and radiators with a mixture of water and chemicals to remove the sludge (mix of rust, limescale and similar) that can build up inside them over time. System filters may also be fitted to collect any residual debris left in the system. At the end of the procedure a chemical inhibitor is added to prevent the further build of sludge in the future.

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Whether a private household, landlord or agent we are happy to provide you with the above services, and can also offer competitively priced Gas Safety and Landlord Certificates to ensure you meet current legal requirements.

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