Vaillant Gas Boiler Service in Henley RG9


Vaillant Gas Boiler Service in Henley RG9


Vaillant Gas Boiler service in Henley RG9 on the new Vaillant combi gas boiler with built-in hot water storage for additional high output requirement; replaced old heat only gas boiler and vented cylinder with this energy sufficient heating system. Normal usage in property just one bathroom, with occasional use of a bath, so increased storage allowed for additional supply when required. Most boiler installations can normally be carried out in one day.


Vaillant Gas Boiler Service in Henley RG9



To keep boilers running efficiently and safely, they need regular maintenance. Boiler manufacturers recommend annual servicing. Failing to do this may void their guarantee, and more seriously can put you at risk. For example, carbon monoxide poisoning can and does occur as a result of faulty boilers. Regular maintenance of your boiler can massively reduce this danger. For more information please visit our Gas Boiler Service page.



If you are looking for a  gas boiler service in Henley and surrounding areas, please contact us for further details.


Our engineers are Gas Safe certified and fully qualify to carry out any gas boiler installation projects. 



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Whether a private household, landlord or agent we are happy to provide you with the above services, and can also offer competitively priced Gas Safety and Landlord Certificates to ensure you meet current legal requirements.

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