Vented Hot Water Cylinders

We offer Vented Hot Water Cylinders installation or replacement services in Sonning Common, Henley on Thames, Wargrave, Caversham and the surrounding areas of Oxfordshire, Berkshire, and Buckinghamshire.


What is a Vented Hot Water Cylinder?

Traditional vented cylinders are supplied by a large gravity cold water storage tank in the loft, the cylinder needs to have a vent back up into the tank for when the hot water expands or overheats, this limits the amount of water pressure you can get as the properties pressure is determined by the height of the tank above the cylinder, and the higher your outlet gets and the closer it gets to the supply tank the less water pressure you have. This is normally why properties with vented tanks cannot have showers or have showers with very poor pressure.

How do Vented Hot Water Cylinders work?

As water gets hot it expands, this is where the name comes from, on vented cylinders the hot water is pushed up the vent pipe back into the supply tank.

Who should install your Vented Hot Water Cylinder?

They must be installed by a qualified competent person.


Would you like to know the difference between Vented and Unvented Hot Water Cylinder? Please visit our Central Heating & Unvented Cylinder page


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